Wednesday, June 20, 2007

video blogging & geotagging

while in Amsterdam each person will be responsible for writing a journal entry on our "daily blog" for a particular day. for each entry you will be asked to embed at least one small video clip. wait! no need to freak out. it's actually quite easy and several of us will be available to help if you get into trouble. and by the way, we're talking about the little clips that you can make with a typical digital camera.

here's the tutorial we selected as the standard process for video blogging:

if you have a few minutes, it would be a good idea to try it once on your personal blog before getting to Amsterdam.

we also selected flickr as a geotagging platform. sunil invited us to a flickr group a while back (perhaps he can re-invite us) such that we can all geo-tag on the same map. this is simply a way to link and annotate photos from flickr to specific locations on common map.

here are two short videos:

- vol1 - how to geotag
- vol2 - how to explore the map

thanks to sunil and ray for providing the tutorials!

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