Wednesday, May 30, 2007

podcasting and tech workshop

we discussed saturday after finals week, June 9th, as a good option for most people. please let me know which of these times works best for you and i'll follow up with a final schedule (final projects are due June 11th at midnight).

rsvp via email with (1) your preferred time and (2) indicate if one of the two time periods does not work at all, and (3) if you would like to attend, but saturday does not work.

saturday 10-12:00 noon or 1-3:00pm

tentative agenda:
- podcasting demo (30 mins): presented by the pod casting committee
- geo tagging demo (30 mins): presented by the tech committee
- issue crawler demo (30 mins): presented by clifford
- general questions and/or practice (30 mins): all

if not all group members can attend one strategy is to choose one among you to attend and to be the tech person for the group.

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