Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Research Symposium, May 18

Just a reminder about the upcoming research symposium. The following students are signed up for the poster session and oral presentation:

Poster Sessions begin at 12:00

Jonathan Karademos
Sunil Garg
Haley Anderson
Shirley Chen
Irina Kolobova
Jenny Sager
Jana Slovic
Poster Information

Presentation: 3:30-5:00, MGH 271.

Alex Gwozda
Chase Winslow
Julia Hamilton
Edward Crabbe
Sathi Maiti
Mark Stevens
Presentation Information:

You can find more details on the Symposium here.

I have samples posters from last year and also a pdf if you are interested in viewing. We will give you some class time in the next week to discuss your poster and presentations.


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